20 Business Social Networking Sites

Several people are active users of the sites such as Twitter and Facebook to promote and endorse their businesses. For those people who are looking to connect with more business-related contacts, they can turn to sites like LinkedIn to build up relationship with some people they have worked with or may want to work with. This activity is what they referred to as business social networking.

With the increasing applications of business social networking by business professionals, there is also increasing number of business social networking sites for different users and meeting their needs and desires. These are the business social networking sites for entrepreneurs, business experts and professionals that are important to look.

1. biznik – This is the community for entrepreneurs and small businesses enthusiastic in helping each other to succeed.
2. cympitch – This is a business social networking website for United Kingdom entrepreneurs for them to find quotes, advices and more.
3. cofoundr – This is an online society for entrepreneurs, designers, investors, and other folks involved in starting new business enterprises.
4. efactor – This is an online community and virtual marketplace intended for entrepreneurs.
5. ecademy – This business social networking site is for producing contact and also sharing information and knowledge.
6. e.connect.entrepreneur – This is an online society where business professionals and business experts can network, communicate and work in partnership with others.
7. fastpitchnetworking – This is a business network where in experts and professionals can promote and endorse their businesses and build connections.
8. focus – This is an online community where it focuses on helping business experts, business professionals, and IT professionals in making decisions.
9. jasezone – This is a professional community where in you can easily discover prospective clients and business partners.
10. LinkedIn – This is a professional network that permits people to be introduced to and work together with other professionals.
11. networkingofrprofessionals – This is a business network that merge online business networking and real-life events.
12. partnerup – This is an online community where in small business owners and entrepreneurs are connected.
13. perfectbusiness – This is a network of entrepreneurs, investors, business experts, and professionals that promotes entrepreneurship and joint success.
14. plaxo – This is an improved address book tool in networking and staying in contact.
15. ryze – This is an online business networking community that permits users to organize themselves by interests, locations, and current and past employers.
16. startupnation – This is an online society that focuses on the exchanging of ideas between entrepreneurs and business owners.
17. upspring – This is a social networking site mainly for promotions and social networking.
18. xing – This is a business network in Europe with basically more than 7 million members.
19. youngentrepreneur – This is a forum-based site generally for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are obsessive in promoting and endorsing their businesses.
20. ziggs – This is s professional link portal founded because of the principles of professionalism and respect.