How You Can Make a Business Social Media Network Easier to Use

The first way to make a business social media campaign easier to use is to have daily goals. Daily goals keep a business owner or a social media manager focused on what they need to do to build the business and the network of the business. Daily goals are the secret to not feeling overwhelmed by some massive amount of information and possible actions that a business can take while on the social systems. Therefore, these daily goals are almost everything inside a social campaign. These goals help save a business owner or social manager’s sanity during the day.

Another thing that the business social networks can do, especially when they are combined with a collaborative tool is delegate tasks that must be done effectively. A business owner is a person who has a very limited amount of time. Therefore, they cannot be bogged down with minuscule tasks that do not bring money into a business. A business owner is the driving force behind a business and therefore their time must be used for activities that generate a lot of revenue. This is because they are the only person in the business who could do this. Therefore, the smaller tasks that can be delegated should be delegated. This allows the business owner to focus on building the business and not doing minuscule things that do not help the business grow.

This is why a collaborative tool combined with a social business-networking platform is very important. These tools allow a business owner to effectively delegate the work to someone who is less important in the business. Therefore, the business owner can spend all their time building the business instead of worrying about if there floor is mopped or if they sent a bill out. A business owner needs to worry about growing the business and nothing else.

The last and most important thing that a business owner can do to make their social networking campaign as effective as possible is to find someone to help them. Obviously, this takes an expert in using the social media system. There many people who purport that they are social media experts but they are not. A real social media expert is someone who can build a list, and use that list to sell products and services. Most social media experts rely on their friend and follower list to prove how good they are at the social media systems. However, a large list is not a buying list. Sometimes that list is just a list of people who like to hear from that particular list owner. The truth about social media and its experts is that those who are skilled at using social media systems are able to sell products and services with their list. If a social expert cannot do this then they are not an expert they are merely an amateur who is good at building a list of people who like to hear them talk.

In conclusion, there are many things that a business owner can do to make their business social networking experience more effective than it presently is. Looking at this article in paying attention to all the details will help a business grow their social media campaign larger. This is a massive plus as a larger network is always helpful to grow the business. Therefore, any business that is hesitating to get into social media should not hesitate anymore and find the right help to get them the results that they want.

Business Social Networking Tips – How to Create Customers That You Never Knew Existed

Today social networking is a must for any company looking to create new customers in this tough economy. Formulating a business social networking marketing strategy can go a long way in increasing the overall profit and exposure of a company if conducted in the appropriate manner. However, if it is executed in a poorly, unplanned, or personal style rather than in a business manner you can actually damage your company’s reputation.

The most effective social networking marketing strategy is focused on customers who actually are friends or contacts of your current customer base. All companies should feature Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn business links somewhere on their website. This allows potential customers to actually request to receive correspondence from your company.

When you have potential customers view the material on your website, you need to make sure to let them aware that you have a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn presence. A link to those business social media sites is necessary so they signup to become a business contact that you can communicate with, just like they register for email notifications. You want to make your customers aware of your presence on these sites so that they can be updated on any special social media promotions you design for them.

You will further your promotional efforts by announcing specials or coupons for those affiliated with your social media site. Have current customers write a recommendation or become a fan of your site by offering a bonus for any business that results from their friends that buy from you. Communicate regularly with your customers, letting them know of your social media sites special promotions just for them. 

Customers these days are expecting to become fans of businesses and will turn their back completely on companies who use mistakenly stayed off social media sites they frequent like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Joining these social networks from a business focus is key to holding on to your customers and growing revenue.

Entrepreneurs: 4 Tips For Successful Small Business Social Media Campaigns

Social media isn’t anything new. Odds are, you probably already have a personal Facebook or Twitter page to interact with your friends and family. Why not leverage these social networks for your small business? In fact, any serious entrepreneur, who wants to see their business take off, needs to include social media as part of their marketing campaign. The basic principles are the same as personal use, but with a few exceptions

Use The Right Social Media Account

As you would guess, it isn’t as simple as creating an account and posting to your heart’s content.

Remember, you are an entrepreneur and running a small business. You’re not just an individual anymore. For Facebook, you should start a business page which you can create under your personal Facebook account. All posts you make to your page, will be made under the name you choose. For instance, a writer may choose to use their pen name versus their real name to make posts. You can still send out posts to all your friends and family, but when customers search for you, they find your business page, not your personal account.

Some entrepreneurs, who own multiple businesses, use multiple business pages, with different pen names for each different business, selecting the pen name to appropriately reflect that particular brand. Other entrepreneurs prefer to use their real name across all their brands, or marketing funnels.

For Twitter, it is recommended to create a business account or, if applicable, separate accounts for each business. All tweets for your small business will be made from the specified business account.

If you find yourself having problems keeping up with the different logins for Twitter and Facebook, consider a service such as Hootsuite to easily manage all your small business social media accounts in one place.

Keep Social Media Posts On Topic

While it’s great to post the random fun, inspirational or otherwise off-topic post to build rapport with your customers, your fans and followers will generally prefer topics related to your business.

An entrepreneur should focus on topics which promote products, tell followers more about the business, and tease about upcoming products and links related to the business. Once again, these business accounts are not personal, they should be mostly business related.

And, in fact, entrepreneurs get quite creative in their business marketing approaches. It’s always best to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and then, think about what you would want to see from your favorite companies, to help determine what your customers want to see from yours.

Avoid Controversy in Social Media

No matter what you do with your small business social media campaign, make certain you avoid controversy. Savvy entrepreneurs know that nothing will kill your campaign quicker, than posting on controversial topics. Stay unbiased whenever possible. Think of it as a first date. Politics, extreme religion and strong personal opinions are best kept to yourself.

Make Your Small Business Social Media Campaigns Interactive

The entire point is to interact with your fans and followers. Answer their questions should they ask. Respond to comments, both positive and negative. Just remember to keep any negative responses as positive and professional as possible.

The more you interact, the more successful your social media campaign will be. In fact, a smart entrepreneur doesn’t just sit back and wait for questions to be asked. Instead, savvy entrepreneurs ask questions of their fans and followers to stimulate conversation, uncover needed information, determine their most pressing needs, provoke thought, and simply get to know their fans and followers better.

Bonus Tip: Have Fun With Your Small Business Social Media Campaigns

Calling all entrepreneurs: here’s your chance to get really creative and have a ton of fun while at the same time building your small business and creating a solid presence on the Social Media scene.

Sponsor contests with creative prizes to get people to participate, interact and learn without realizing it’s work! A great idea is to include all your various social media platforms in the contest, so the entrants can be broadly exposed to your brand.

This is all part of building a loyal customer base.

When you’re ready, Elite Entrepreneur is there to help guide you through your entrepreneurial journey. After all, before you create that business page, you’ve got to turn your small business idea into a huge business reality!