Business Social Networking Tips – How to Create Customers That You Never Knew Existed

Today social networking is a must for any company looking to create new customers in this tough economy. Formulating a business social networking marketing strategy can go a long way in increasing the overall profit and exposure of a company if conducted in the appropriate manner. However, if it is executed in a poorly, unplanned, or personal style rather than in a business manner you can actually damage your company’s reputation.

The most effective social networking marketing strategy is focused on customers who actually are friends or contacts of your current customer base. All companies should feature Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn business links somewhere on their website. This allows potential customers to actually request to receive correspondence from your company.

When you have potential customers view the material on your website, you need to make sure to let them aware that you have a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn presence. A link to those business social media sites is necessary so they signup to become a business contact that you can communicate with, just like they register for email notifications. You want to make your customers aware of your presence on these sites so that they can be updated on any special social media promotions you design for them.

You will further your promotional efforts by announcing specials or coupons for those affiliated with your social media site. Have current customers write a recommendation or become a fan of your site by offering a bonus for any business that results from their friends that buy from you. Communicate regularly with your customers, letting them know of your social media sites special promotions just for them. 

Customers these days are expecting to become fans of businesses and will turn their back completely on companies who use mistakenly stayed off social media sites they frequent like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Joining these social networks from a business focus is key to holding on to your customers and growing revenue.