Small Business Social Media Marketing Plan – First Steps

When deciding how you should approach social media for your small business there are a couple things to make sure you don’t overlook. We are going to cover those ideas in this small business social media article today.

1. Your customers want to connect with people and associate those people first before they will ever care about a brand.

What you want to do is make sure that you have a personality that represents your business and brand. Then include the brand along side of pictures, videos or communication. You can do this naturally through demos of the product or service, case studies or just being on site of your business and telling stories.

What this does is mix the feelings that your target market generates from the relationship they feel they build with the person that is focusing on your marketing through social media.

In our office we call the person that is driving the social media marketing the Social Business Advocate or Advocate for short.

2. What ever the advocate is using as content to connect with your target market has to be congruent with what would entertain, inspire or engage your target market.

One way to make sure you are on target with your communications is to outline or describe your target market in detail.

When you do this consider a few different kinds of people that buy from you. Its IMPORTANT to not to skip this part. The more detail you can put into understanding your target market the more on target your communications will be and the more response you will get from your social media marketing efforts for your small business.

The key thing to remember is to make your goal to establish a trusting relationship and the more fun you can tie into your communications the more you will keep your target markets attention.