What A Professional Business Social Network Expert Should Be Interested In

A person who wants to become a professional in the business social media arena must focus on delivering results. This sounds obvious but it really is not obvious to most business owners. Most people who work in social media focus on metrics that mean nothing. Such as size of list and how many “re-tweets,” they have achieved. The truth about this is that these metrics do not matter, what does matter is the propensity of the list to buy a product or service that is presented to the list.

A professional manager of social media needs to be focused on the bottom line. That bottom line is money and revenue. A skilled business social networker should be focused on delivering money into a business that they work for or are hired to help.

However, this not the case in most situations. There are a few reasons why this is not true. The first reason is that the social networker was not a business owner before they touted themselves as a business social networker. These people do not understand that every action in business should generate revenue. Therefore, these people are happy when they generate a bigger list (whether or not if the list is responsive to the offers). They are also happy when they can get a message to be spread virtually through the system regardless of the ability of that message to sell anything.

The other reason that many social media networkers are not effective is because the business owner is trained to use social media the wrong way themselves. This means that they are unable to discern a skilled social networker from a general user. At this point and time, a person can walk into the office of a business owner and tell them that they have 100,000 followers and get hired to run the social media campaign. However, these 100,000 followers are a mix of robots that are following people around a topic, people who are only online to make fun of other people for fun, and then those people who are really interested in the product or service. This list may only have 1 to 2 people who are actually buyers and they may have come from different topics. In short, this may not be the best list or the best methods to generate a list of buyers who are ready to work with a business.

A person who is a skilled social networker should be able to walk into the room and tell the business owner that they have a conversion rate of x amount from their list of x amount of people. This is the hallmark of a business social networker who understands the needs of a business owner. A good business owner is interested in making more money. Therefore, a skilled social networker for business should be interested in generating revenue too. This is how to find the right social networker for business purposes, because the normal user of a social networker will never be able to generate revenue. It takes a hardnosed conversion specialist to be able to use social networks for generating income.